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Watch the “Fast, easy usability tricks for big product improvements” video online free!

The video from my 2012 GOTO conference presentation is available online. Fast, easy usability tricks for big product improvements

In October 2012 I talked at the GOTO conference in Aarhus, Denmark. It was the first time that this relatively technical conference had a user experience track and the audience loved it. My talk got an 89% approval rating from a bunch of developers!

Photo of packets of nuts (Nødder) in a Danish store
Nodder means “Nuts” in Danish. Ah, the things you learn when you travel…

I shared the principles behind the “one week to a user centered design” process. Watch the video (sorry, I can’t embed it) to get the fifty minute version of how you can improve your product in five steps:

  • Watch users using the product
  • Interpret what they are doing
  • Generate product ideas
  • Turn the ideas into design
  • Verify with a usability test

The GOTO team did a very professional job of recording and editing the talk. In fact, they run an incredibly professional conference series.

Update 2019: This video is still relevant today. More people know of this process as “Design Thinking” but the UX tools I mention here are still very valuable for helping a team through the process.