Learn fast, cheap UX methods and make your product better

If you are on a UX-curious team without specialist usability skills, or if you are a usability person struggling to fit your techniques into a lean or agile development cycle, this site shows you discount/guerrilla variants of usability skills that you can use to get fast results.

The author

Chris is the founder of Chris Nodder Consulting LLC, an agile user experience company that helps large organizations and lean startups build products that users love.

Chris also creates courses for LinkedIn Learning, an online training platform, and wrote a book on the role UX plays in online persuasion/ dark patterns called “Evil by Design“.

Before setting up his own company, Chris was a Director at Nielsen Norman Group, a Senior User Researcher at Microsoft and a Usability Consultant at NatWest Bank (UK). He has a background in psychology and human-computer interaction.

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