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Web user experience course now available online

My new course “User Experience for Web Design” is now live.

I’m really happy with the high production quality that LinkedIn Learning brings to their classes, and I’m excited that they are committed to the user experience training space.

The whole course is only 1 hour 45 minutes long and contains the following topics.

1. What Makes a Good Web User Experience?
2. Don’t Get in the Way of the Information
3. Navigation
4. Site Layout
5. Writing for the Web
6. Homepage
7. Category and Landing Pages
8. Detail and Product Pages
9. Forms
10. Using Media to Help Tell Your Story
11. Balancing Adverts and Content
12. Summary: Good Design Practice

If you aren’t already a LinkedIn Learning subscriber (check with your employer or school – many have org-wide plans) then LinkedIn offer a free month of membership. That’s plenty of time to check out all my courses and some of the thousands of other courses they have available!

Building a site for your visitors from User Experience for Web Design 

People can begin from any page on your site from User Experience for Web Design 

3 replies on “Web user experience course now available online”

I just finished this course and would absolutely recommend it.

I really enjoyed the fast paced, information rich style and as an SEO guy think you pretty much nailed the UX / SEO overlap.

Now to try and get my colleagues to watch it.

I just finished going through this great course. It was so well presented and I learned alot. Thank You

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