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Usability Testing course is live on

LinkedIn Learning have released the UX Foundations: Usability Testing course I recorded with them earlier in the year. The course takes you through all the aspects of planning, running, and reporting on a typical usability test.

In the course, I talk about how to recruit participants, design suitable tasks, moderate and observe a session, and analyze the results so that you can make improvements to your product.

Check out a video from the course below, and follow the links to see the whole course. You can either buy the course outright for just $30, or you can sign up for a free month of membership. That’s plenty of time to check out all my courses and some of the thousands of other courses they have available!

The observer’s role: Active observation from UX Foundations: Usability Testing

The experience of recording with (now LinkedIn Learning) is impressive. This time it was a “live action” shoot – which means I was on a sound stage with two cameras pointing at me. I had my own “green room” for the week I was down at their studios in Carpinteria, CA. Yes, they invest a week of time to film a one and a half hour video, and then spend more time editing it and producing the graphics you see in it. I don’t know of any other online training company that invests that much in their videos, and it definitely shows in the final quality.

My name on a green room door at LinkedIn Learning's recording studios

Disclaimer: I get a small referral payment if you sign up for a LinkedIn Learning trial or buy an individual course using a link on this site. It doesn’t cost you anything extra but it helps me out just a little!

Update: Lynda has rebranded as LinkedIn Learning. Same production team, same content. I’ve changed this post to keep the information and links up to date.