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Watch my new online course on Information Architecture – 2 hours well spent.

My latest LinkedIn Learning online training course “UX Foundations: Information Architecture” is now available. It covers the steps you should follow to create a great information architecture for your site or application, including card sorting and reverse sorting.

As always, the recording process was great fun and the graphic designers went to town with the images in the videos.

Here’s a sample video from the course, on how to run a paper-based card sort. The course also covers online card sorting and paper and online reverse sorting, as well as how to interpret the information you get from participant sessions and turn it into a suitable information architecture and navigation system.

Running the session from UX Foundations: Information Architecture by Chris Nodder

Topics in the course include:

  • What is information architecture?
  • Why do research?
  • Creating and running a paper card sort
  • Recruiting test participants
  • Analyzing paper card sort results
  • Running a computer-based card sort
  • Creating abstract information architecture
  • Validating your plan with a reverse card sort
  • Translating information architecture to navigation and layout
  • Watching the server after you go live

The whole thing is just two hours long, and is easy to follow along with.

If you aren’t already a LinkedIn Learning subscriber (check with your employer or school – many have org-wide plans) then you can either buy the course outright for just $30, or LinkedIn offer a free month of membership. That’s plenty of time to check out all my courses and some of the thousands of other courses they have available!

Disclaimer: I get a small referral payment if you sign up for a LinkedIn Learning trial or buy an individual course using a link on this site. It doesn’t cost you anything extra but it helps me out just a little!

Update: Lynda has rebranded as LinkedIn Learning. Same production team, same content. I’ve changed this post to keep the information and links up to date.