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One week to a user centered design

Spend just one week to get the information you need to build your product right first time. Use these techniques to plan your sprints or even to work out what product to bring to market.

design validation methods paper prototyping user testing

Paper prototype user testing

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. He’s working frantically to find the next sketch to show to the study participant. He might even be drawing it as we wait.  

design validation guerrilla technique observation user testing

Revolving door studies validate designs each sprint

Design validation is not a phase, it’s a continuous part of the process. Testing your designs tests your assumptions and lets you make quick course corrections.

focus groups user testing

Focus Groups – what do they tell you?

It’s hard to uncover behavioral qualities during a focus group session, so the technique suffers from “what I say isn’t what I do” syndrome. 

field visits site visits user testing

Getting to intent – listen, probe, validate

Users will make lots of feature requests during research sessions. Listen, Probe and Validate to make sure you solve the underlying issue.

guerrilla technique user testing

Work backwards to create good research questions

The way to create good study questions is to work out what you want to be able to say before you even think about the methods you’ll use to find the answer.